Left 4 Dead 2: Uncensored Australian Hack


Censorship sucks, no matter in what form. Hide reality long enough and we'll end up with a nation of fucking sissies that'll cry if a dog leaves a turd on grass.

In the pansie Australian version of Left 4 Dead 2:

  • Zombie bodies will fade straight away
  • Body parts will not be sliced. The whole zombie dies intact no matter how you kill it.
  • No blood on your screen.
  • Zombies will not burn when hit with molotovs or incendiary ammo)

Well fuck you "Office of Film and Literature Classification" (OFLC)! We still don't have an R18+ rating because according to them, Australia doesn't have anyone that is mentally older than that.

So to get these features back, you'll have to first understand there are some side effects.

  • It works best on single player and offline play.
  • You cannot play online with your friends (even if they have patched it). There are some places that mention an "sv_pure 0" setting but I've never looked too much into it.
  • This works on the Steam version, but its easier to just buy it from the UK store.
  • You cannot start the game through Steam, but you need it to be running to play.


  • Upon up your Steam folder
  • Go to "steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2"
  • Open "steam_appid.txt"
  • Change 550 to 510
  • Save the file and close it
  • Now right click "steam_appid.txt" and click "Properties"
  • Make it "read only" and save
  • Now create a shortcut to "left4dead2.exe" on your desktop (or where ever you want that is convenient)
  • From the current folder you're in, go into "left4dead2"
  • Open "gameinfo.txt" and change "SteamAppId" from 550 to 510
  • Now make that file read only

The reason we created a desktop is that you cannot start the game via Steam. Otherwise it'll just quit when the gameplay starts.

You also cant start the game without Steam running in the background. Quite annoying.

Now you can enjoy L4D2 while burning and cutting up zombies, the way that nature intended.

[ Source ]

(The source seems to be a bit outdated, but the majority of the instructions still work)


  1. Cool, is the game still playable online with this hack?

    And not be anal, but it's not the OFLC's fault we don't have an R rating, that'd be the politicians (the Attorney Generals Department in particular). The OFLC just rate the games, they'd rate it R if such a rating existed.

  2. Despite various sources saying that it works online, I've never been able to successfully host or join a game which has the hack enabled.

    If you find a way, I'd love to know because I hate the censored version.

    Yeah, fuck that South Australian Attorney General!

  3. Can you still launch the censored version from another drive if you have the L4D2 file there?

  4. Not sure, I've never tried it.

  5. who would want to try it???

  6. The same OFLC that saw fit to approve Dead Rising, Dead Island, Dead Space etc under the same guidelines. Of course it's not the OFLCs (google "sarcasm") fault it's Valves fault for not bribing them with enough resubmission of classification fees!


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