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There are alot of times when I need documentation while working on something but don't have internet connectivity, such as when I'm on a train.

Previously, I have been using a CHM file for MooTools v1.11 and it was great! I also found docs for v1.2.0 and settled with that, which was quite sufficient for what I was doing.

Scouring the net over and over for months yeilded little results when trying to find docs for the latest MooTools v1.2.1.

But alas, I needed to stop relying on others so much. I needed to know how to generate my own!

Thanks to some help from Aaron Newton from ClientCide, I've managed to get started on the documentation generation.

Once the code was cleaned up, I quickly got the documentation to output files rather than to a browser.

It was tricky trying to get the files to point to each other, rather than use the markdown style defined for the server such as "/Native/Hash".

After a day of tinkering with the output, I've managed to generate the MooTools v1.2.1 documentation for offline use!

I've posted the files up on SourceForge (set up by Tux).
- documentation for v1.2.1. (07/03/2009)
- documentation for v1.2.3. (05/07/2009)
- documentation for v1.2.4. (27/12/2009)
- documentation generator (last updated 27/12/2009)

Hopefully this technique will also work for future MooTools releases.

The SourceForge project page is at


  1. Heck yeah post the doc generator code that you ended ip using =)

  2. At least for me the mirror at filefront doesnt work, can you upload the file at another hoster?

  3. is the download working for you yet? i just tried it and it works.

    maybe you need to disable some ad blockers.

    (sorry i've been busy lately and finally getting around to answering the comments)

  4. Hi, the link is down, can u publish your code to get the offline doc, I can package like CHM and share it.

  5. Are there any free "file hosting" sites that will store it forever without the need for me refreshing it every month?

    I've set up the files for Mootools 1.2.3 and prepped the generation code but I dont have a place to store it.

  6. ok, i've uploaded the docs for v1.2.3 onto Dropbox, along with the source for the docs generator.

    sorry for the delay.

  7. Do you think you can process the latest 1.2.4 docs as well?
    I've downloaded your generator, but just can't find the time to check it out (and I'm not sure how quick you can accomplish it).. offline docs would be helpful when i'm without internet (which is the coming two weeks :)).. cheers!

  8. Hey Rolf,

    I've updated the docs to v1.2.4.

    Sorry its taken so long, but its xmas and all y'know :)


  9. great work! :)

    This offline MooTools documentation should be bundled with online one!

    So people can choose to use the online version or download the offline one.

    Have you already asked to mootools owners twig? :)

  10. Hey nk,

    I've left a ticket on the lighthouse bug tracker.
    You can read what their response was here


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