Windows / Nvidia: How to reduce GPU usage for Instant Replay when idling on desktop (without disabling it for games)


The other day I was glancing at Task Manager and noticed something annoying...

For some odd reason, the GPU was busy at around 40% capacity while I wasn't really doing much on the desktop.

After a bit of sleuthing, it turns out the "Instant replay" feature is constantly recording and encoding in the background, which is a pretty cool feature for gaming but a waste of power for my day to day usage.

While the easy option is to turn off Instant Replay altogether, I still want it on while I play games.

Fortunately there is an easy way to achieve that, but unfortunately its not obvious how.

1. Turn off Instant Replay (and watch your GPU usage drop to 0%)

2. Turn off desktop recording by going to

  • Settings (Cog)
  • Scroll down to Privacy control
  • Untick "Desktop Capture"

3. Back out and "Done" until you see the main UI

4. Turn Instant Replay back on and enjoy the 0% usage while idling on desktop

Remove URLs next to links when printing from browsers like Firefx

Sometimes you need get something done quick like printing a receipt off a webpage, but the browser just vomits URLs all over your print preview.

I've yet to figure out why this happens, but some sites will go the extra mile to make your life difficult.

What you see:

What you didn't expect:

Now to get rid of the extra URLs, paste the following into the browser Javascript console. Try pressing F12 to make it appear. If it doesn't, then how you get to that console depends on the browser and operating system you're using. A quick Google search should get you the answer.

el = document.createElement('style');

el.setAttribute('type', 'text/css');

el.textContent = `@media print {

    a[href]:after {

        content: none !important;




What you'll get:


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