Android: How to disable Chrome's useless share menu (aka the "Chrome Sharing Hub")

Note: this flag should also work on Chrome derived browsers such as Brave and Vivaldi.

It's frustrating when a company like Google tries to be all user-friendly up in your face by adding extra steps to what used to be a simple workflow.


  • Click share button
  • Choose app to share to
  • Click share button
  • Scroll through horizontal list of apps (which has no visual clue to indicate that you can scroll)
  • Click on "More ..."
  • Find the app you want to share to

 I know it isn't that much but its a chore, so lets kill it.

This fucken thign right here.

Steps to disable

  • Open a new tab
  • Go to chrome://flags/#chrome-sharing-hub
  • Double check you're looking at "Chrome Sharing Hub"
  • Click on "default" for that setting
  • Change it to "disabled"
  • I also changed the setting for "Chrome Sharing Hub V1.5" but not sure if its needed


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