Windows XP - Disable "Open File - Security Warning" on Files Copied over Network

I hate the "Open File - Security Warning" dialog. Fuck up and let me copy my shit in peace.
To disable it,

1) Run gpedit.msc
2) Local Computer Policy -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Attachment Manager
3) Enable "Do not preserve zone information in file attachments"

The files you already have are going to keep annoying you.
Theres not much you can do about it unless you redownload it, or copy it to a drive thats Fat32 and then copy it back.

malware: driver detective claims another victim

A friend pasted a chat log to me, which was between him and another friend.
Worth keeping for entertainment value =)

check this out

mindogg: hey how do i watch movies on my windows media player?
do i need to dl a codec?

me: ye

mindogg: can u find me a link to do this
a safe website

me: lol
has all the codecs ull need

mindogg: thanx

mindogg: don't know how to dl it with this website
wait i think i figure it out

me: gp ot
got it?

mindogg: downloaded it

mindogg: it asked me about 1.Manufacturer
2. family
3. model

me: wtf

mindogg: ye
ok what is after driver detective

me: detected?
are u going full or custom installation

mindogg: i just want the codec so i can watch stuff on media plaer

me: lol
i cant direct u like this
sounds like ur doing something else

mindogg: isn't there just a file u can dl a codec

me: lol
ur install it now
i dunno what u roding
its just str8 forward

mindogg: fuck
so the detective is the codec?

me: wtf detective man
there is no detective rofl
i dunno wtf ur goin about

mindogg: driver dectective

me: lemme try
ill dl and see
did u dl

mindogg: whats that?

me: dude
i just installed it
its like 3 next buttons
and thast it

mindogg: the detective just scan! he doesn't give me the codec does he?

me: i dunno
WTF u dld

mindogg: driver detective

me: ive been doing comps an dshit since primary
dunno WTF that is

mindogg: LOL fu
help me!

me: rofl
is driver detective dude

mindogg: oh shit now my comp said it found some virus!
oh shit im gone!
ahh gotta love malware... when it doesnt happen to you.

Some software thats helped me in the past are:
- Spybot - Search and destroy
- HijackThis
- TuneUpUtilities

Disable annoying Novell broadcast messages

If you're at work and getting alot of annoying popups with the text "Message from server" and title "Novell Message Popup", then those are broadcasts from the Novell Server to all clients.

Right click on red N "Novell Services" icon in taskbar
Click on "Novell Client Properties"
Go to "Advanced Settings"
Select "Receive Broadcast Messages" from the list
Change "Setting" to "None"

I'm not sure if this actually works or not, but I havnt received any messages yet.
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