Windows: How to disable WinSat.exe (System Assessment Tool)

So I was coding away at 1am on Sunday (as night owls would) and suddenly my computer switches off Aero and goes crazy with CPU usage, causing heat hot enough to cook an egg and the fan to go absolutely ballistic.

I checked out the cause and it turned out to be WinSAT.exe started up on it's own and decided to max out one of the cores. Turns out this is a task it runs periodically to rate the computer's performance.

Well, I personally don't need this and odds are you won't either.

To turn it off:

  • Start > Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc)
  • Find Task Scheduler (Local)
  • Task Scheduler Library
  • Microsoft > Windows > Maintenance
  • Right click WinSAT
  • Select disable.


Enjoy the full use of your computer again.

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