PS3: Fix "This content can be used if you renew the licence in playstation store" for PSN games

If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can always rely on some pre-made software to fix your problem. However, knowing how the hell to use it is another story!


First of all, you'll need the infamous RAP files. Download a program called PSNStuff by LoOzers to find the game you want and save the RAP file.

  • Download reactPSN 2.25
  • Copy pkg files for reactPSN and your game to USB:/
  • Copy the game RAP files into usb:/exdata/
  • Make sure you're not connected to PSN (being online is fine though)

The magic

  • Plug the USB into the right USB port (it's the 2nd from the left if looking at it horizontally)


  • Install the game + any updates
  • Install reactPSN
  • Create a new user called "aa"
  • Switch to "aa"
  • With the usb still plugged in, run reactPSN
  • It should restart and display the log-in screen
  • The "aa" profile should have renamed itself to some status message
  • Log into your usual non-aa profile
  • Remove usb drive (you're done with it)
  • Your game should now work.

*update 30/4/2013* Updated sources and instructions about RAP files.


Stuff I looked at which weren't so helpful.

Bash: Delete files listed in a text file

With so many unused py files in the project, I put together a few lines of code to get rid of them.

md5sum blank/
find -name "" -type f -exec md5sum {} + | grep 1fde9e174e80f7680d95dc905a3533a3 > empty_tests.txt

md5sum blank/
find -name "" -type f -exec md5sum {} + | grep 8c4eb991c6dca757bdd77f539092e29b > empty_models.txt

md5sum blank/
find -name "" -type f -exec md5sum {} + | grep ad656aaabae09dc285884ad38d889ef9 > empty_views.txt

# Delete any files listed in the text files
# awk splits up the md5 from the filename since md5sum output is "<hash> <filename>"
rm $(cat empty_*.txt | awk '{ print $2 }')

The first part collates a list of text files for any files with the common MD5 checksum.

In the second part:

  • cat reads in each empty_*.txt file
  • awk grabs the filename component of the checksum output
  • rm removes each filename returned by cat/awk


Python: Listing files in an FTP

Well, I don't know why this had to be harder than it currently is.

ftp = ftplib.FTP(self.get_ftp_host(), username, password)
files = list_files(ftp)
print files

def list_files(ftp_connection):
files = []

def dir_callback(line):
bits = line.split()

if ('d' not in bits[0]):

return files

Great success!


Internet Explorer 10: Mailto bug opening lots of windows

Internet Explorer 9 was a great move in the right direction. I was pretty excited to install IE10, but the disappointed that followed was almost as bad as Diablo 3.

What's the problem?

Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed

Wait, what? I've been using Thunderbird for years. Default settings checked out fine mate.

But the real linsanity occurs after clicking "OK" to clear that popup.

Even when using another program such as Firefox or email client, clicking on a "mailto" link will cause Internet Explorer 10 to open up hundreds of windows for absolutely no reason.

How the fuck this got past quality control is beyond me!

I figured out it was IE10's fault when the same thing happened after I tried typing "mailto:" directly into the address bar... for science.

How do I fix it?

A) Recreate the mailto (update 15/05/2014)

  • Start
  • Type "cmd"
  • Right click "cmd.exe" and click "Run as administrator"
  • Paste in the following
reg ADD "HKLM\Software\Classes\mailto" /f /v "URL Protocol" /t REG_SZ /d ""

(Thanks to Anonymous below for submitting this)

B) Upgrade to IE11 (update 15/05/2014)

IE11 is just better. Get it.

C) Get rid of it.

  • Start
  • Type in "Windows Update" and click it
  • At the bottom, clicked "Installed updates"


  • Sort by "Installed on" and find "Windows Internet Explorer 10"
  • Uninstall
  • Confirm and restart when done


  • Don't feel bad about it. The poor thing had to be put out of it's misery... WITH A POWERBOMB


Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm: How to pause cinematics

Now this is a nice little feature I haven't seen in many games!

Spacebar won't work, just left-click during movies to pause it.

It's such a shame that the damn DVD installer didn't actually install the game from the DVD... worthless coaster.

Blizzard salutes to customers.

PS3: Updating from 3.55 KMEAW CFW to 4.40 Rogero CEX CFW (v1.02b)

Alright I'll say it straight, I'm going to assume you're handy with unzipping files, copying and moving stuff around and generally competent with navigating through your computer/ps3. Otherwise, this guide probably isn't for you.

Grab the files from the Rogero CFW thread. You'll need:

  • Rogero_CEX4.40_V1.03.PUP
  • multiMAN ver 04.30.00 BASE (20130324).zip
  • toggle_qa.pkg (from Rebug)

Another early note, you need multiMAN 04.30.00. Older multiMAN versions won't work on CFW4.40 so feel free to update it before you install the 4.40 CFW.

Also, take out any discs in your console! Reason is the PS3 will check the disc for firmware before checking the USB drive. You don't want to accidentally upgrade to official firmware now, do you? ;)

In case you're wondering, this is the CEX firmware (consumer firmware), not the DEX version which has more debugging features.

Copy the files across to:

USB://PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP (renamed Rogero_CEX4.40_V1.03.PUP)

Yep you read that right, it's UPDAT (missing E, not a typo!)

Some optional things to do while downloading/preparing files.

  • (optional) Update multiMAN. I did this as a precaution, since I use multiMAN for most things
  • (optional) Back up your PS3 data
  • (optional) While that's happening, make sure your CFW PUP isn't corrupted. MD5 dat file.
  • If you've downgraded to 3.55 from a higher firmware, you should run the QA flag thing.

Enabling QA flags

So QA flag first, just in case. I'm not gonna pretend I know exactly what happens there, but it's more of a safety thing and highly recommended by Rogero in the release thread.

  • Using "Install package files", run "toggle_qa.pkg" from your USB drive.
  • Once it's done, run Toggle QA from the menu.
  • Your PS3 should beep and reboot (if not, try again)
  • Go to Network Settings and press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+Down (all at the same time)
  • If Edy Viewer & view/debug settings appear, it worked.

Updating to Rogero 4.40

Just to be safe, disable your network connectivity so the PS3 is completely offline.

Now, onto the fun part! Open up:

  • Settings
  • System update
  • Update via storage media
  • If you see "Version 4.40-Rog v1.03" then you're in business!
    If not... it's not safe to carry on. Check if you've missed a previous step.
  • X/OK to continue
  • Right > Accept > Start
  • Patience is a virtue so let it do it's thing.
  • When it finally starts up, it should have the ROGERO logo on the boot screen.

Viola! You are now on 4.40 CFW with PSN access! To make sure, check via "System Settings > System information" menu to make sure.

Test run

Fire up multiMAN and blast away at your favourite game.

If all is well, you're now on 4.40 and survived!

If you're getting the "Your installation of multiMAN is incomplete! lease install BASE of FULL version!" error after updating, grab a copy of multiMAN from the Rogero 4.40 thread. Make sure to download the BASE version and install the CEX pkg.

Alternatively, this method takes longer but at least it's easier:

  • Load multiMAN
  • Web
  • scroll down to "multiMAN 04.30.00 BASE (or whatever's latest)

Extra reading

Now, this solution works but you'll run into some common errors that others have run into.

Apparently the way people were using to downgrade games to 3.55 was "wrong". You'll need a package resigner in order to get them to install and run properly on 4.30 and 4.40.

The previous guide on KMEAW was finicky and tricky for the average user. This method is far easier so I highly recommend it.

When the file transfers were going at 140kb/s, I was annoyed to say least. Seriously, I spent some extra time to make sure everything was gigabit ready.

To my delight, it wasn't my fault =)

There are lots of dodgy fixes for this on the internet. Try mine first, it's least likely to break anything on your computer.

Update 15/04/2013:

I've updated the tutorial so it points to 4.40 v1.03 (rather than 1.02b).

Update 5/9/2013:

Updated note about Rogero_CEX4.40_V1.03.PUP being PS3UPDAT.PUP.


PS3: How to transfer games to your PS3 via FTP (using multiMAN)

This is pretty simple now, but there are some quirks you have to be aware of.

  • multiMAN works best in passive mode (PASV)
  • You can only have one connection at a time. Any more than that and multiMAN will either time out or disconnect.

First, go to Settings > Network Settings > Settings and Connection Status List. There you can get your IP address.

On a side note, I prefer to match a MAC address to an IP in my router settings (not covered in this tutorial!)

Now run multiMAN. Check under Settings > FTP Service to see if it's enabled.

On your computer, download and install FileZilla. Go to File > Site manager > New Site. Use the following settings:

  • Host: Your PS3's IP address
  • Port: 21
  • Logon type: Normal
  • User: anonymous
  • Password: (Clear it out and leave it blank)

On the "Transfer settings" tab:

  • Transfer mode: Passive
  • Tick "Limit number of simultaneous connections" and set it to 1

Once you connect, you'll see a few folders like this.


Double click on dev_hdd0, it's the internal hard drive.

For extracted game files, put em into "dev_hdd0/GAMEZ". The "game" folder is for games which are already installed.

If you have PKG files which need to be installed on the PS3, place them into "dev_hdd0/packages".

Drag and drop the files to transfer. Once the files are copied over,they can be accessed via multiMAN's user interface.

This is much easier than the previous method where games had to be copied onto an external drive then copied into the PS3 via a horrible user interface.

No more jumping through hoops!

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