Can't edit or delete Drupal settings.php

When installing Drupal onto a webhost, I noticed that I couldnt modify the settings.php file once it was configured by the Drupal installer.

For security reasons, the folks at Drupal think its a bad idea to let us edit our own file.

How am I gonna modify the $cookie_domain variable in that file?

I tried to
- gave it permissions using FTP and cPanel (but it didnt work)
- use FTP and delete it (access denied)
- used cPanel file manager to delete it (and it came back?)

While looking through the directory structure, I noticed that the "/sites/all/default" folder also did not have write access.

If you're lucky enough to have the files created in your own username, then using an ftp client or chmod, allow write permissions on both the /sites/all/default folder and /sites/all/default/settings.php file.

Otherwise, you're gonna have to email someone at the hosting facility about it.
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