PS3: Fix "This content can be used if you renew the licence in playstation store" for PSN games


If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can always rely on some pre-made software to fix your problem. However, knowing how the hell to use it is another story!


First of all, you'll need the infamous RAP files. Download a program called PSNStuff by LoOzers to find the game you want and save the RAP file.

  • Download reactPSN 2.25
  • Copy pkg files for reactPSN and your game to USB:/
  • Copy the game RAP files into usb:/exdata/
  • Make sure you're not connected to PSN (being online is fine though)

The magic

  • Plug the USB into the right USB port (it's the 2nd from the left if looking at it horizontally)


  • Install the game + any updates
  • Install reactPSN
  • Create a new user called "aa"
  • Switch to "aa"
  • With the usb still plugged in, run reactPSN
  • It should restart and display the log-in screen
  • The "aa" profile should have renamed itself to some status message
  • Log into your usual non-aa profile
  • Remove usb drive (you're done with it)
  • Your game should now work.

*update 30/4/2013* Updated sources and instructions about RAP files.


Stuff I looked at which weren't so helpful.


  1. helo, the instruction is works greate. but i have a problem i install the 'DmC Devil May Cry Vergils Downfall.pkg' works fine, the menu appeared in the game, i enter the game the message appaer. 'the game must be updated before this content can be accessed ....' how to fix this? thanks for the help.

  2. Should I have a modded ps3 or it's okay if it wasn't modded ??

  3. Because I'm facing this problem with fifa 14 and I my ps3 isn't modded

  4. Which Rap File Do I need exactly ? You said Infamous Rap files; Do you mean The Game "Infamous" 's RAP files ?

    1. No, I meant infamous in it's actual "famous in a bad way" meaning.

      Each game has it's own RAP file, and you'll need to get the one matching your game.

  5. Does this still work May 2014?

  6. Do i need a jailbroken ps3???

  7. Very well put, and organized. It's too bad I didn't have someone as experienced as you partaking in my community when it was still up and running (It was called PSNUnderground.Com). I've got it parked right now till I can afford to host it again, but very awesomely organized, and put. - Thanks for the help.


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