Eclipse PDT and brace matching

Using the latest (at time of download) version of eclipsePDT R20080603 (Win32 All-in-one), I thought it'd be fine and dandy and ready to use straight out of the box.

After setting up a directory and importing some Drupal files into my project, I began to work on some modules.

However, the default PHP brace matching key binding sucked. Who the hell uses Ctrl+Shift+P for brace matching?

Changing it to Ctrl+], I noticed that it didnt work. Checking a few sites on Google, it seemed that a few other people had the same problem.

I updated Eclipse PDT through the "PDT Update" site via Eclipse "Find and install" wizard, but that didn't fix it either.

Eventually I got frustrated and removed the key bindings for Ctrl+] for both "Editing Java Source" and "Editing PHP Source" and configured one key binding for Ctrl+] for "Editing text".

Now my brace matching works on PHP quite nicely, the way its meant to work.
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