Removing gigantic splash screen on Lotus Notes 8

Lets face it, Lotus Notes sucks.
Nobody likes it.

They keep trying to fix it, making it look nicer, run faster and do more things but in the end, it's just as lovable as a cripple without arms trying to push themselves on a one wheeled wheelchair up a flight of stairs.

Whats worse is that when you run that flaming heap of shit, it takes a really... long... time.
Normally, thats expected from the application with as much appeal as a sweaty obese transvestite panting heavily in a gimp mask.

But in version 8, they reached a whole new level of brain-fucked senselessness when they decided to make a splash screen that takes up 3/4 of the screen and REMAINS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE until it has finished loading.

Thank you IBM for crippling my PC to a state of uselessness.
After a few times, it does get a little tiresome waiting for the loading screen to disappear.

To get rid of it, modify the shortcut to run "nlnotes.exe" instead of "notes.exe".
The next time you run the retarded redhead child of an email client called Lotus Notes, the splash screen should be gone.

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