Firefox Dynamic Bookmarking

If you're like me who uses the Firefox history to quickly access pages, you're more than likely to search for a link in the dropdown, modify it a little and then view it.

An example is viewing bug tasks in Trac.
At work, ticket numbers get passed around rather than the whole link.
I tend to type in "trac" so the Firefox Awesome Bar returns a few results.
I select the result that closely resembles the ticket url, and then modify the ticket ID so it takes me to the ticket I want to view.

Now imagine that could be quicker.
Luckily, Firefox supports bookmark keywords which DOES make it quicker!
I can just type "trac 1234" and it'd take me to that very link.

For example, the link
  1. Bookmark the page and edit it.
  2. Edit the link so you keep the "" chunk, but replace the video ID with "%s" so it becomes ""
  3. Give the bookmark a keyword such as "yt"
  4. Test by typing "yt HXi-8nE65JshkU" into the Firefox address bar.
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