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While chatting to a friend on Facebook, I wanted to throw in an emoticon of someone in sunnies actin' all cool.

Realising that I actually had to SEND the message to test it, and not wanting to break the conversation, I peeked through the JS code a bit with Firebug.

Luckily I was able to find the JS emoticon map with the variable name of "Emote._emoteMap" in "aoa250bk.js".

The majority of the images are loaded off this sprite sheet and cut up using CSS (a clever way of keeping HTTP requests low).

The original link is here, but would be nice not to hotlink since it might change.

To try out the emoticons:

smile :-)
frown :-(
tongue :-P
grin :-D
gasp :-O
wink ;-)
glasses 8-)
sunglasses 8-|
grumpy >:(
unsure :/
cry :'(
devil 3:)
angel O:)
kiss :-*
heart <3
kiki ^_^
squint -_-
confused o.O
upset >:O
pacman :v
colonthree :3

A few interesting ones I noticed that weren't in the sprite sheet were:

robot :|]
penguin <(")
putnam (the hell?) :putnam:
shark (^^^)
42[1] 42 :42:

*update - 03/05/2010*

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