Synergy+: How to compile source

Synergy is a very useful utility which links your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. Each computer still uses its own monitor and can run its own operating system.

Much like how a KVM links a keyboard/mouse between multiple computers, but without the need for wiring or sharing of a monitor.

Image taken from Synergy+ homepage

The original Synergy project has died down, and the original author Chris Schoeneman has not updated it since 2006. Up comes Nick Bolton and Sorin Sbarnea to continue the project in the name of SynergyPlus on GoogleCode.

If you want to help develop this software, just pull the source from using your favourite SVN client. If that link no longer works, see here and let me know that its changed!

It'll take some time to pull the files out of SVN as there are some executables included (like the Visual C++ redistributable setup).

Once its done:

  • Go to "tool\win\cmake\bin"
  • Run "cmake-gui.exe" (Why the hell is this nearly 8mb?)


  • For the field "Where is the source code", select the SVN folder you pulled the files to.
  • Create a folder in your SVN folder called "project".
  • Within "project", create another folder called "bin".
  • For "Where to build the binaries", select your new "project" folder.
  • Click "Configure" at the bottom.

This is where you select your preferred IDE. For me, I selected Visual Studio 2005/2008. It may differ for you if you choose something else.

Default native compilers seem to work fine for me!

  • Fill in both EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH and LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH as the "bin" folder.
  • Click "Configure" again to remove the red labels.
  • Now "Generate" should be enabled. Click it.

Now you should have the project files ready for development.


Once you compile the code, all the binary files will be spat out in the "project\bin" folder.


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