Javascript: JSON validator

JSON is fine and dandy when it works well, but damned if it's missing a comma or the bloody keywords are quoted in the wrong characters.

I had a problem with some (assumingly) well formed JSON, but it kept puzzled me for hours when a jQuery AJAX post kept silently failing.

Eventually I stumbled upon, a nifty site that simply validates your JSON and formats it for easy reading.

My example JSON:

    'num_votes': 5,
    'up': 4,
    'down': -1

Can you spot what's wrong with it?

No? Neither could I... until I got fed up and changed the single quotes with double quotes for the hell of it.


This is the now valid JSON:

    "num_votes": 5,
    "up": 4,
    "down": -1


Oh well, back to it!

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