Android: Issues with opening files in Cyanogen Mod 7

Some people contacted me with problems trying to open files in my CodePeeker app on CM7. The OI File Manager built into the CFW is returning something unexpected, causing the app to fail in opening files.

This resulted in a few "1 star - DOES NOT WORK" ratings...

This is MADNESS! Why!?

The reasoning behind this is because OpenIntent's OI File Manager wasn't returning data according to the Android specifications.

They've written a small blurb about it and provided the backward compatible code here.

I didn't realise this but apparently I've covered a neater version of the code in a previous post.

If you ever need to test it, install the app on your emulator. The old version of OI File Manager v1.1.4 can be found on Google Code.


You can test the normal behaviour with File Expert, a great app for browsing files. Astro File Manager sucks with ads + confusing user interface. You can grab the APK for the emulator here.

Crisis averted!


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