Dell: Replace all driver "download" buttons with direct links (Australian)

I'm not sure if this works on the US site, but this worked a treat for me on the Australian site.

The main issue was I was getting annoyed with the Javascript download question asking me to use the download manager.

I just wanted to queue up files into my own download manager and batch download the files during my off-peak period.

When you're on the driver download page, open up Firebug and paste this into the console.

var rex = /javascript:DownloadFile\('\d+','\d+','.+','(.+)','\w+','HTTP'\);/;

var x = $('a[href*="javascript:DownloadFile"]').each(function(index, item) {
var obj = $(item);
var href = obj.attr('href');
var match = rex.exec(href);

if (match != null) {
var url = unescape(match[1])
obj.attr('href', url);

This will change all the "download file" buttons so they point to the direct file download link.

I'm sure someone can easily convert this into a GreaseMonkey script.


Now, back to the horrors of formatting!

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