Sublime Text 2: Subfolders and files not appearing in project folders list

Been toying around with Sublime Text 2 for the past week, a pretty damn good editor so far. Ran into a strange problem which made it impossible to use.

It took a bit of guess work but it was due to the nature of my workflow. The project files are located on a remote folder, mapped to a network drive via ExpanDrive. There are other reports of people with this issue using Samba, so I'm guessing it's mostly related to working remotely.

If you've got issues opening 2nd level directories, remedy this by going to:

  • Preferences
  • Settings - User
  • Add in this line

"ignore_inodes": true

Save and restart ST2. The subfolders SHOULD show up. If not, remove the folder from your project and add them again.

Note: This hidden setting was added to build 2197 (11th of May, 2012) for Windows only.

Don't worry Sublime Text, you've only stumbled gracefully


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