Django: Export comments to Disqus WXR / XML format

With the help of the django-disqus module, it's pretty easy to export our comments out to Disqus.

First you'll need to install the module django-disqus (v0.4.3 at time of writing).

The example provided was used when I switched over to Disqus. The class used is loosely based off the regular class used in the syndication module.

from tas.feeds import ShirtCommentsWxrFeed

urlpatterns += patterns('',
('^export/comments/', ShirtCommentsWxrFeed()),

As you can see, this is where all the heavy lifting happens.

Once you have the output, you can import it more than once without creating duplicates. I believe duplicate detection is done using the value from comment_id().


In your Disqus admin:

  • Go to Discussions > Import > Generic (WXR) (using WordPress one will give you strange errors regarding the thread)
  • Upload the WXR file generated
  • Wait until it's done

I've noticed that files which are less than 10mb are processed rather quickly. Anything closer to the 50mb limit will take almost 24hrs to process.

All in all, it's probably one of the best processes for migrating comments that I've used so far.


Almost as good as this guy.


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