ConEmu / Cmder : How to select text by left double-click and triple-click

I got used to using double click to copy a word and triple click for a line after using Putty for so long. When I switched to Cmder/ConEmu, selecting text was absolutely painful because of this missing feature.

I did a quick search online and found a bunch of Google Code tickets regarding this functionality from 2013-14, but no real solutions. Fortunately, I spotted a comment by ConEmu.Maximus5 which stated the functionality is already built into ConEmu!

After looking through the settings SEVERAL TIMES because it's so cluttered and oddly named, I eventually found the setting to enable text selection by double-click and triple-click.

double triple click

By default, this behaviour is restricted to only when the ALT key is held. For what reason? I don't know, but fortunately you can change it.

  • Go to the settings dialog
  • Keys & Macro
  • Mark/Copy
  • Ensure that "Block (rectangular) selection" is enabled
  • Change the modifier to "<Always>"

The changes should take effect immediately.


One thing that ConEmu settings would really benefit from is a better settings screen.


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