Disable Nero Scout

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Every once in a while, I have to format a computer and reinstall some disc burning software. Normally I turn straight to Nero Express, and the copy I got with my writer works great... except for one little thing, it adds some bloat.

Aside from disabling EVERYTHING during the installation apart from the core files, it STILL installs Nero Scout. This extra bit of bloat runs in the background, constantly scanning your computer for new MP3s, images, etc.

Err, why!? That’s ok, I already know what I want to burn!

To disable Nero Scout, go to Windows Explorer and right click on "Nero Scout". Select "Options" and untick "Enable Nero Scout".

If that option is not available for you, then simply run the command below.
regsvr32 /u "%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll"
You might also want to take a quick moment to make sure to drive the last stake through its heart and disable the "NMIndexingService" service.
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