Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Disable Intro Movies

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Props to GoldDragon (for this hack) and Marvel (for this awesome game!)

Its ridiculous how many intro movies they have at the start of this game!
No matter how awesome this game is, I cant stand pressing enter to skip about 6-7 intro movies everytime I play it!
I mean I dont mind them showing that the first time, but cmon!

Yet, theres a surprisingly simple way of disabling the bulk of them.

1. Find the folder which you installed MUA.
2. Explore to the folder "scripts\menus\" and backup ""
3. Once backed up, edit the original file using Notepad.
4. Comment out every line by adding a "#" character in front of it, except for "openmenu("main_beenox")" so it looks like this.
#startMovie("i102", "afterMovie1")
#startMovie("i101", "afterMovie2")
#startMovie("i103", "afterMovie3")
#startMovie("i100", "afterMovie4")
#startMovie("i104", "afterMovie5")
#startMovie("i105", "afterMovie6")

Starting MUA will still show the ESRB screen, followed by the main menu.
The cursor will not show, but still work. You can still navigate using the keyboard as usual.
Once the game has started, the mouse will reappear and behave as usual.
To keep the mouse in the menu, leave at least one video active.
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