How to run XP Mode in Windows 7

This new feature for Windows 7 is quite handy, as it will make the application running in XP Mode seem integrated into the Windows 7 host rather than isolating the virtual guest in its own sandpit.

You need to download two packages for this to work. Both can be found here, and the links will vary depending on which version of Windows 7 you select.

It will provide you links to 2 files:

  • Windows Virtual PC: This is approximately 10mb (for x64 version).
  • Windows XP Mode file which is just a specialised image of a Windows XP installation. At this point, I'd advise you to use some sort of download manager as the file is 500mb and may corrupt during download.
Install Virtual PC and restart.

Next, install the XP Mode image somewhere onto your hard drive.

Once you click on "Start" > "Programs" > "Windows Virtual PC" and set up the user password, just follow the prompts and play around with it.

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