Logitech Dual Action working with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

Geometry Wars is a great game to play... if you cant get your hands on the super addictive Super StarDust HD!

However, support for the Logitech Dual Action controller is quite poor, as the second analogue stick wont work for firing your weapon.

Instead, you're stuck with using the buttons in a really awkward way, only firing at 45degree angles.

Some folks at the BizzarreCreations forums were posting some tweaks to get their controllers working, so I gave it a go for the Logitech Dual Action pad.

After about 10minutes of tinkering to get the second analogue stick to work, I decided to figure out what the other button mappings did.

Open up "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Bizarre Creations\Geometry Wars Retro Evolved\config.xml" with Notepad and edit till your hearts content.

Under joystick, the following joystick map IDs are:

Map ID Description
0 Up/down movement
1 Left/right movement
2 Up/down firing
3 Left/right firing
8 Bomb
12 Select in menu
16 Menu

Under the "negative" and "positive" tags, the "type" attribute indicates whether the button is analogue (type 1) or digital (type 3).

The "index" indicates which button it is mapped to on your controller.

You can also assign multiple buttons to one function mapping, which is handy if you need 2 bomb buttons.

The following mappings are shown below.

Front Back

For those who aren't bothered to do it yourself, below is my "Super Stardust"-esque control configuration.

  • Movement is with the left analogue stick.
  • Firing is done with the right.
  • The two bottom back buttons are bomb triggers.
  • Menu is button 10.
  • Button 1 is menu select (default).

<joystick map="0">
<negative type="1" index="0" />
<positive type="1" index="0" />
<joystick map="1">
<negative type="1" index="1" />
<positive type="1" index="1" />
<joystick map="2">
<negative type="1" index="2" />
<positive type="1" index="2" />
<joystick map="3">
<negative type="1" index="5" />
<positive type="1" index="5" />
<joystick map="8">
<positive type="3" index="6" />
<positive type="3" index="7" />
<joystick map="12">
<positive type="3" index="0" />
<joystick map="16">
<positive type="3" index="9" />


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