Windows 7: Disable pinning of items or programs on taskbar

Good on Microsoft for making a fancy new taskbar for the masses which resembles the Mac OSX dock thingy (that I dislike so much).

But props to the Big M for making it so damn configurable, compared to the dicktatorship of Apple which decides for people what is best for them or gtfo.

Steve Jobs: "Mmm bitches...
you will learn to love the taste of my cock in your mouth."

However, not everything new is something I find helpful. I don't really need the option to pin things to the taskbar, especially when I use the classic taskbar mode that doesn't even support pinning.

The options to configure this is in the same location:

  • Open "gpedit.msc"
  • Navigate through to "Local Computer Policy"
  • User Configuration
  • Administrative Templates
  • Start Menu and Taskbar

To disable pinning of applications:

Enable "Do not allow pinning of items to jumps".

image image
Before. After, without pinnable applications.


To disable pinning of items onto taskbar:

Enable "Do not allow pinning of programs to taskbar".

image image
Before. After, without pinnable items.
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