Django: Sending out a HTML email... with attachments

The usual django mail.send_mail() is sufficient for most cases if you're sending by plain text. It does leave a little to be desired, such as changing it to a HTML format or something.

However, if you're after an email with attachments, you'll have to get a little busy.

from django.core.mail.message import EmailMessage

email = EmailMessage()
email.subject = "New shirt submitted"
email.body = message
email.from_email = "ThatAwesomeShirt! <>" = [ "", ]

# Save the file to a temporary file because that's how email attachments work
output = StringIO.StringIO(), format = "PNG")
email.attach(filename = "test.png", mimetype = "image/png", content = output.getvalue())


Optionally, you can add email.content_subtype = "html" to set the email to be a HTML email.


No more trying to force people into reading plain text emails!


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