Synaptics Scrybe: How to uninstall

When I downloaded the latest drivers for Synaptics touchpad, I didn't expect it to come with Scrybe (even though the package specifically says "with Scrybe")

Well, when I saw it appear on my taskbar my immediate instinct was to kill it. What foul heathen dare trespass on my grounds!?

Shamefully, there was no uninstaller provided. Strangely enough, it was easy to kill it, which I'm not complaining about.

  1. Delete it from your startup folder (Start menu > All Programs > Startup > Scrybe > Right click> Delete)
  2. Quit Scrybe (Right clickon Taskbar icon, exit)
  3. Run the following commands

net stop ScrybeUpdater
sc delete ScrybeUpdater
del /F "C:\Program Files (x86)\Synaptics\Scrybe"

Obviously replacing "Program Files (x86)" with "Program Files" if you've got 32bit Windows.


Eat that bundleware!

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