Windows Live Messenger: How to disable Smartscreen security page?

This thing was driving me NUTS!

After upgrading to the new Messenger, I contemplating going back because I often receive dev links from workmates.

Unfortunately, these dev links are marked as "low traffic sites" and "isn't well known" because, well. they're secret dev links...

An example of the annoying "Protect yourself" screen is here:


Seriously, I'm not protecting myself, YOU ARE. STOP IT!

It might just be an extra click, but it's annoying!

Firstly, disabling Internet Explorer's smart screen filter won't fix anything. This is coming straight from WLM 2011 into your default browser (Firefox/Chrome/etc).

Secondly, GreaseMonkey scripts are flakey at best.

To properly disable it:

  1. Click on "More info" to expand some text.
  2. "Don't show me this message again"
  3. "Continue anyway"

Now, back to being productive.

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