Facebook: Remove Recent Places from Timeline

Fuck you Facebook.

Seriously, location awareness disabled on my phone. Not using your information siphoning app and you STILL extract location data from photo EXIF and ISP information.

THAT shit!

And this shit in the red circle!

Anyway, to remove the recent locations widget from your timeline, do the following:

  • Go to your profile (by clicking on your name in the top right)
  • Just under your cover picture, there are a few squares such as "Friends" and "Photos"
  • Beside it should be a little triangle pointing down (blue circle). Click it.
  • A pencil should appear on the Maps favourites
  • Remove that shit from favourites.
  • Click the triangle again.

Now, don't be freaked out if you still see it in your profile. It'll still appear to YOU, but not anyone else.

To try it out:

  • Click on the cog next to "Activity log" (blue circle)
  • Select "View as"
  • Type in your friend's name and select them
  • You should not see the maps widget in the favourites nor further down in your timeline.

Now you can continue using Facebook without worrying about people scoping out your locations, GANGNAM STYLE!

This cowboy thrusting scene has gotta be one of the best!


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