Django: "AssertionError - No exception supplied" on "assert salt and '$' not in salt"

After upgrading from Django 1.2.7 to Django 1.4.3, we had a problem where users were unable to log in.

This was due to an upgrade in the crypto algorithms used to store passwords.

When a user attempts to log in, the authentication process checks the "password" field in the User table.

The password field contains 3 components: algorithm$salt$hash

The algorithm is used to determine which crypto to use. The salt is a randomly generated salt upon setting of password, which in this case is an empty string "".

For now, you can temporarily fix this error by adding a new file "working_unsalted\".

from django.contrib.auth.hashers import UnsaltedMD5PasswordHasher
from django.utils.crypto import constant_time_compare

class WorkingUnsaltedMD5PasswordHasher(UnsaltedMD5PasswordHasher):
The default UnsaltedMD5PasswordHasher uses constant_time_compare(), but passes it the wrong values.
algorithm = "working_unsalted_md5"

def verify(self, password, encoded):
encoded_2 = self.encode(password, '')
return constant_time_compare(encoded[22:], encoded_2)

In your settings file, be sure to define the new hasher.



Lastly, change the algorithm in the database by changing auth_user.password values from "md5$..." to "working_unsalted_md5$...". When the user tries to log in, the new hasher will take effect.

I've made a ticket and pull request for this issue, so hopefully it'll be fixed in Django 1.4.4.

For now, enjoy your copy-pasta fix.

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