uTorrent: Enabling or upgrading webUI

uTorrent has been a great program from the get-go, but I feel they were a little lacking when it came to the Web UI remote control feature.

This lets you access your uTorrent interface from your browser, on any computer and works pretty well!

Only problem is activating it.

Scroll past the blurb & license, then click on the link below "Download". Save it as "webui.zip".

Most likely the zip file was omitted from the uTorrent download as most people won't use it or it would increase their filesize, something the uTorrent guys take with great pride.

  • Second step is to open up Windows Explorer and move webui.zip into %APPDATA%/uTorrent/
  • Now open up uTorrent and click on: Preferences > Web UI


  • Enable Web UI
  • Set a username and password
  • Set your port and save the settings.

Initially I left it on the default port, but didn't actually know what that was so I had to give it a specific number.

Once you're ready, open up your browser and type in http://localhost:8080/gui/ (assuming your port is 8080)

Now make sure you've got that /gui/ part, it's important! Because if you leave it out, you'll only get a page saying "invalid request".

Other than that, you should see a popup asking for your username/password. Once you enter it in you should see something very familiar.

Gangnam cowboy, elevator thrusting! Familiar enough?


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