Windows 8: Sign into Windows WITHOUT a Microsoft account

It's nice knowing that I'd still be able to use my computer in the case my online account gets compromised.

Also, I live in Australia. Getting a stable internet connection is hard enough. As we've seen from Sim City and Diablo 3, online-only has been proven painful for everyone involved.

Already signed in with a Microsoft account?

If you've already logged in with an online Microsoft account, you can convert it to a local account.

In Metro, type in "Users" and select "Settings". By default it searches Apps and you may have nothing in the results.


Now click on "Switch to a local account".


Follow the prompts. New password is optional.

Adding a non-Microsoft account user

For future reference, after Windows 8 installation you can create a local user immediately by clicking on "Sign in without a Microsoft account" at the bottom.

image From there the steps are fairly straight forward.


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