Windows Live Essentials: Error 0x80070643 during install

Pain in the ass this is. I hate the installers that Microsoft use because:

  1. Errors make no sense
  2. The "more information" link takes me to my fucking email
  3. I can't copy-pasta the error text so I have to type it out manually

Basically the error I had was I uninstalled an old version, grabbed a 2011 installer from Microsoft's website when I searched for "windows live writer" and to download the installer (which was 1.1mb).

At the 99% end of the installation process, it threw up an ugly error 0x80070643. The hell does that mean?

I thought I needed a reboot to put the (new) system into a clean state. Nope.

I cleaned out registry values with TuneUp Utilities Registry Cleaner. Nope.

So in frustration, I looked for another download. This time I searched for "Windows Live essentials" which gave me the 2012 installer, sized at 1.2mb. This made all the difference!

Standard Microsoft operational procedure. For a great example, refer to Xbox One debacle(s).

Using the 2012 installer, I suspect that Microsoft didn't think far ahead when it came to upgrades.

After it eached 100%, I got Windows Live Writer 2012 without any hiccups at all. All my stuff was updated and nothing seemed lost in the process.

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