Thunderbird: Disable selection quote when composing reply emails

Installing Thunderbird 24 was a pretty good experience, but some little quirks have been getting on my nerves.

One of them is automatically clipping the response email with whatever you had selected. It doesn't really work for me because I like to highlight as I read, and it becomes very annoying after replying to a handful of emails.

Chef selecting a handful of umm... emails.

From the main menu:

  • Click "Tools" > "Options"
  • In the Options dialog, go to "Advanced" > "General" and click on the "Config editor"


  • If you get a little warning, agree to be careful
  • Start filtering with "mailnews.reply_quoting"
  • Change "mailnews.reply_quoting_selection" to false by double clicking it


The changes should take effect immediately, so no need to restart Thunderbird.


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