Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503): Backing up your DRM keys

Before you unlock the bootloader or flash your phone with any custom software, be sure to back up your unique DRM keys. The primary reason for this is to be able to maintain your warranty and use of official Sony service apps (if you ever needed it for any reason).

Unlocking the bootloader the official way should keep the DRM keys intact though.




  • Make sure your computer detects your phone with the correct drivers. Test by plugging it in.
  • Grab a copy of Backup TA (click on the "source code (zip)" link)
  • Extract somewhere for use.



It's a pretty easy process, but again I remind you that it requires root access.

  • Plug in the phone
  • Run Backup-TA.bat
  • Press any key
  • Look at phone and grant root permission
  • Look back at the computer and pick "Backup" by pressing "1" then "Y"
  • It should take a second or two and be successful
  • Press any key
  • Press 5 to quit
  • Press any key to close
  • Your data should now be saved in "backup\TA-backup-<DATE.TIME>.zip".
  • Move it somewhere for safe keeping!
  • That's it. Now just unplug the phone just to be sure it's disconnected from the script.


Now you can go nuts with the customisation!


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