XBMC / Kodi: List files not found in library

One of the biggest hurdles for people setting up their first XBMC/Kodi machines is getting content to scan correctly.

Although the scanner supports a number of different naming conventions, there's still no built-in way of checking which files have been ignored by the library scanner.

That's why "null_pointer" created "Missing Movie Scanner". It checks your library and finds any movie files which have been ignored by the library, so you know which ones to rename properly.



  • Load up XBMC
  • Settings
  • Add-ons
  • Get Add-ons
  • XBMC.org Add-ons
  • Video Add-ons
  • Scroll down to "Missing Movie Scanner"
  • Select install
  • Go back to the home menu
  • Access Add-ons from your home menu (you may need to enable this, depending on your skin)
  • Select "Video Add-ons"
  • Missing Movie Scanner
  • Now you can select between movies or TV shows
  • The next screen will list the files which aren't included in your library.

No, sadly this won't fix any high-5 misses


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