Homebrew via themehax / homemenuhax / menuhax on New 3DS

The 3DS homebrew scene has been flourishing lately. I never bothered with Ironhax and was too lazy to get around to trying out Tubehax, so now that Tubehax has been patched, the only other way left for New 3DS owners to get onto homebrew is via themehax.

This will work on any 3DS, Original or New from 9.x up to 10.3.0.

*update 12/01/2016* Now supports up to 10.3.0 and updated instructions as theme/home hax is now known as menuhax.



  1. Disable any custom themes on your 3DS by changing it back to default. menuhax does not work with it enabled (you can change it later)
  2. If you were you were using Tubehax before, set DNS back to auto.
  3. Extract the contents of the homebrew starter kit (starter.zip) to the root folder of your (micro) SD card.
  4. Safely remove your SD card and put it back in the 3DS.
  5. Turn on your 3DS and make sure internet is enabled.
  6. Launch the Internet Browser app.
  7. Enter in http://yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax_auto.php
  8. IMG_20151019_223117[4] IMG_20151019_223145

  9. Click on menuhax installer
  10. Press A to install. It'll download some stuff.

  11. Once it's done, it should say "Install finished successfully." and tell you to press START.
  12. It'll boot back into Homebrew launcher.
  13. Now you're homebrew startup ready!
  14. Press start > A to reboot back into your 3DS.
  15. Disable the internet and turn off your 3DS.

How to use it?

When you start up the 3DS, hold the L button before the screen turns on.

It should kick you into homebrew mode right away.

Check out 3dbrew.org to check out some more homebrew apps.

I recommend blargSNES so you can have SNES games on the go, without cartridges!


The homebrew process is completely safe so you can revert at any time by removing the same files you added from your SD card.


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