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C#, placed so highly on a pedestal by many.
so much shit hits fan when you try to update a label, progressbar or windows control from a thread.

Normally people would go through the trouble of declaring delegates, calling invoke with empty object arrays, shit like that which takes up roughly 6-7 lines of code.

//Declare a new delegate specific to updating the text of a label
delegate void UpdateLabelTextDelegate(Label lbl, string text);

//This method will invoke the delegate and pass our args along
void UpdateLabelText(Label lbl, string text)
UpdateLabelTextDelegate dlg = new UpdateLabelTextDelegate(UpdateLabelTextByDelegate);
//Invoke this method on the control's original that owns the label's handle
lbl.Invoke(dlg, new object[] { lbl, text });

//This method is invoked by our delegate and actually updates the label text
void UpdateLabelTextByDelegate(Label lbl, string text)
lbl.Text = text;

//Call the method now
UpdateLabelText(myLabel, "What a great post");
What a waste of time just to change a frikken label!
To make matters worse, it turns your code to garbage and makes it utterly unreadable.

Luckily, Microsoft decided to stop pounding our balls against a wall and provide us with MethodInvoker.

Short sweet and simple!

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