Windows XP - Access "System Volume Information"

Accidently clicking on that folder in Windows Explorer is annoying.
Error messages such as "Access is denied." or "*folder* is not accessible." come up, even though its on your own damn computer!

This can be used to browse that annoying folder, or also grant you access to folders owned by other people if you have administrative rights.

[Method A]
1. Open up command prompt.
2. Type "cacls "Filename with quotes" /E /G username:F" where filename could be "C:\System Volume Information" and username is your current username.

[Method B]
1. Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows Explorer (Tools -> Options -> View)
2. Go to file/folder properties and find Security tab
3. Set yourself to owner and apply to all subfolders/files
4. Close the properties dialog, and open the properties dialog again.
5. Now grant yourself full access to the file/folder then click OK/Apply.
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