Copy paste no longer works after right clicking on certain files

This was a rather unique and painful experience. Right clicking on certain files would kill the ability to copy paste in Windows. After about a month of chasing down this bug, I finally found the cause for it.

Symptoms included:

  • Loss of ability to copy anything to clipboard or paste from it
  • Running "clipbrd.exe" would lock up the drawing process of "Clipboard Viewer"
  • Restarting of "explorer.exe" would fix it, but its rather annoying
  • Occurs after right clicking on certain files with characters such as [ ] ( ) - and _
  • There are NO error messages! WHAT A CUNT!

Firstly, my problem was caused by having a Daemon Tools 3rd party app called arniWORX "awxDTools" (specificially v1.0.6.0). Its a great addition if you're still running Daemon Tools v3.x.

I'm not sure when the problem started, but it may have something to do with it being incompatible with Daemon Tools v4.30.4.0027.

Now, if you have it installed, you have two options. The first is the easy one, uninstall it. Its not working with Daemon Tools v4.x anyways, so doesn't matter if its gone.

Second option? Disable it from the context menu using ShellExView. Its an awesome little free tool that lets you see what DLLs are registered on your computer and disable them!

Download, run and sort by the "Type" column. Search for "Context Menu" then disable "awxDTShlExt Class".

No need to reboot or anything, now you can right click till your hearts content!

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