Firefox - Can't save pictures or files

Problems with computers are normally easy to solve... IF they have some sort of error message.

Otherwise, its a complete cunt. You have no idea what the problem is, what error to look for and also no idea if the solution will apply or not (because there aren't any symptoms!).

Well, for this one, my problem was:

  • Right clicking on an image and selecting "Save Image As" will produce no dialog to let you select a location.
  • Dragging the image itself to your desktop will save the file, but thats inconvenient.
  • Your firefox download manager is empty.
  • You have no extensions installed that will mess with your download manager.

So, the solution that worked for me is:

  • Close Firefox.
  • Find your Firefox profile folder.
    Need help? Look here. Normally its at "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\" and the only folder there with random letters/numbers will be your profile.
  • Inside your profile folder, there will be a file called "downloads.rdf". In Firefox 3, it has been renamed to "downloads.sqlite".
  • Deleting (or moving) this file will fix the problem, but also wipe your downloads history clean.
  • Restart Firefox and try saving a picture. Theoretically, it should work.
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