Facebook Photo Upload keeps failing (fixed)

Every once in a while, FaceBook's photo uploader will constantly fail. Very rarely is it a server fault. Most of the time it would be due to my crappy Australian internet connectivity with the rest of the world.

But, if it happens over and over and restarting your browser/internet wont help, then your best bet would be to clear the Java application/applet cache.

Firstly, close Firefox/IE.

Then open up "Java" in your control panel.

In the "General" tab, click on "Settings ..." under "Temporary Internet Files". Click on the "Delete Files..." button to clear your applet cache.

Load the FaceBook "Add Photos" page and it should download the updated copy of Photo Uploader.

If it still doesn't work, wait a while and try again.

*update - 29/01/2010*

There's a new photo uploader plugin now that looks more like the Mac OS X explorer interface. It's nice, but it tries to install in 2 ways (for Firefox anyway).

  • 1. Installs a Firefox plugin via a Java applet.
  • 2. If the applet fails to load, Facebook provides a link to a 2mb installer file which installs the necessary plugins to your browsers. No restart necessary for Firefox.

It was tested a couple of weeks ago (WinXP) and it just didn't work for me. Now that its up again, its working nicely and is alot more responsive than the old photo uploader.

*update - 21/02/2010*

I tested it on Windows 7 and it failed. Damn!

I tried it again and it suddenly worked. No idea wtf happened.

Report any issues you're having to Facebook here to make sure they know about your problems.

*update - 06/04/2010*

If you're having crashing issues with the new photo uploader plugin, see here.

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