Facebook: Post RSS feeds to your Page wall (not personal wall)

I haven't had much luck with finding information about this, but somehow I stumbled upon a little site called TwitterFeed.

Surprisingly, the site wasn't just about Twitter (ugh) and it provided a very simple yet helpful service; read off an RSS feed and post it to various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Statusnet, Ping.fm and Hellotxt.

Whats better is that it actually supports posting to your business/organisation page, rather than just your personal page.

Unfortunately there is no "about us" page of some sort on TwitterFeed, so I had to sign up to see what it was all about.

Very simple to use

  • Create a new feed (enter in name and URL)
  • You can configure how often it updates and how many posts to make from each update, post suffix/prefix and also filter out keywords.
  • Each feed is configured independantly, so you can choose which social network that a feed is directed to.
  • (Facebook) Upon entering your account details, you can then selected which page it displays on, but only if you have admin rights on the page.

That's all!

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