Firefox: Re-enable the "enable" button on extensions that are "not compatible with Firefox"

Sometimes these version checks are just plain annoying. Well, as of Firefox v3.6 they just got MORE annoying!
Anything before the gay persona 3.6, use this trick.
As of v3.6 and onwards, they decided to modify that key use a more stupid convention and append the version to the string.
WHY THE HELL? The very reason that key exists is to disable those fucking stupid version checks!
So, to enable extensions that aren't compatible, do the following:
  • Type "about:config" into the browser
  • Right click on the main area and click "New" > "Boolean"
  • Call it "extensions.checkCompatibility.<version>" where <version> is the version of your Firefox.
  • Set it to False.
The old and the new way of doing it. How fucking annoying.
For me, I'm using Firefox 3.6.6, so you can call it "extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6" and it'll work.
The other reason I'm so annoyed at upgrading Firefox is because it cleared the windows I had open. I've fixed it and posted the method here.

*update 11.04.2011* This will also solve the problems with " could not be installed because it is not compatible with this Firefox" errors when trying to install a new extension.

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