Firefox: Bring back old session windows with TabMixPlus

After upgrading to a very gay Firefox v3.6, I was annoyed that it disabled many of my working extensions.

To add to my annoyance, it didn't restore my window sessions correctly. I had heaps of windows opened over a period of many weeks and many of the pages were ridiculously difficult to find.

Luckily, I had the TabMixPlus extension installed. It automatically saves your sessions. I know, I know, Firefox does this automatically already. But Firefox only saves one or two sessions.

TMP saves up to a week by default. So it doesn't really matter how many times you open and close your windows, you can be sure its protected in case of a stupid update.

If you need to restore the sessions:

  • Close your Firefox session (and make sure nothing important is opened). You may want to copy these instructions somewhere first.
  • Find your profile folder
  • Go into "sessionbackups"
  • Find the latest "tabmix_sessions-***.rdf" file and copy it
  • Go up a folder, delete/move/rename "session.rdf"
  • Paste the file into "sessionbackups"
  • Rename it to "session.rdf"
  • Your sessions should be restored the next time you open Firefox

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