Python: psycopg doesn't insert or delete

I had to write a quick feed parser using psycopg before and was wondering why stuff didn't save.

Turns out I was missing a very important line at the end... connection.commit() !

A quick example below shows how to use psycopg.

import psycopg2

class SaveStuff():
connection = None
cursor = None

def __init__(self):
# Connect to an existing database
self.connection = psycopg2.connect("dbname=yourdbname user=username")
self.cursor = self.connection.cursor()

def __del__(self):
if self.cursor is not None:

if self.connection is not None:

def save(self, items):
if self.cursor is None:
raise Exception("Invalid connection to database.")

# Delete existing
self.cursor.execute("DELETE FROM table_name")

# Fill in the new values
for item in items:
sql = "INSERT INTO table_name (id, name, weight) VALUES (%s, %s, %s)"
self.cursor.execute(sql, (, item.title, item.order))

# Write the new info to db

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