Wii: Game kicks you back to system menu - You need to install the required IOS

Sometimes a game will kick you back to the main menu after you click "Start" on the channel banner. This happens when it can't find the right IOS files it needs.

I'm not quite sure about the specifics of IOS files, but I think of them like drivers for your Wii and are often upgraded with new system menus.

Just like with PC games, some expect a certain version of Direct X to be installed in order to work properly. Same with Wii games, some require certain versions of IOS files in order to work.

Before, we had to wait for the system menu to be hacked before homebrew can be run. Now, we can simply download the files we need even if the system menu is on an older version. It's like running Starcraft 2 on your Windows 95 machine!

Best part is that all the old versions are kept, so installing a new one doesn't mean you're overwriting an older version of the same IOS file!

"There's an easier way...? WHAAAAAAAAAA?"

In comes the NUS Downloader. It allows you to download specific files from Nintendo's Update Server and pack it into WAD files for easy installation with the WAD Manager.

The NUS Downloader interface.

I prefer this method as DOP Mii only allows me to install certain IOS files, which isn't very helpful for a guy like me who doesn't have the time to sit down and learn every single quirk about IOS files.

To use this, just download the NUS Downloader and run it.

  • Tick "Pack -> WAD"
  • Click on "Database"
  • IOS
  • Find the IOS you wish to download and select the latest.
  • Then click "Start NUS download!"
  • It will now begin to download the IOS file you want and stash it away in a folder where you extracted the program.

Once you find the compiled WAD file, install it like any other WAD file using WAD Manager.

This should fix any problems with games kicking you back to the main menu. The problems are game specific, so different games will require different IOS files.

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