Thunderbird - Images not sent properly in forwarded emails

The email protocol is riddled with mixed up clients and badly formed content. It's no wonder that clients are so confused because there a bazillion ways of sending an email.

The main issue I've noticed is when I receive an email filled with funny pictures as either:

  • Inline attachments (embedded into the email body)
  • File attachments (which hang off the email)
  • External image links (URL pointing to an external source)

When you try to forward the email, the images are visible on your end, but after its sent off the person you sent to will not be able to see it.


First, go to Tools > Options > Composition > General.

Options dialog.

  • Set "Forward messages" to inline.
  • Click on "Send options..."
  • In "Text Format", set "Send the message in html anyway"

Now go to the account settings for each account.

  • See the "Composition & Addressing" item.
  • Under "Composition", tick "Compose messages in HTML format".

Now your emails will be able to send, reply and forward images (and other attachments) correctly as you see them.

Now theres nothing left to do but DANCE!

Like this kid from the Apple store...

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