Disable Apple Software Update

I installed Safari onto my computer (by God it's slow on Windows!) and noticed after a while that a software update window kept popping up once in a while.

Another annoying thing is that it suggests updates for software that isn't even installed on my computer!


Curious and annoyed, I wanted to figure out how it was running (and disable it). But alas, I could not find it in the conventional places like startup, registry or services.

A quick search online reminded me of another place I forgot to look, the Task Scheduler.

Go to the Task Scheduler by:

  • Start
  • Programs
  • Accessories
  • System Tools
  • Task Scheduler (You need to run as administrator on Vista and 7)
  • Expand to find the group called "Apple" (only for Vista/7)
  • Select "AppleSoftwareUpdate" and disable or delete

The Task Manager (Win7/Vista)

Thou shall not annoy.

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