Excel: Macro security error when opening XLS spreadsheets

It sucks when you try to open a spreadsheet and it whinges about macro security.

Honestly, you can't inspect that shit unless you open it, but you can't open it unless you let it run the macro which you're uncertain about.

Ahh the wonderful catch 22 in the realm of security warnings.

Anyway, if you get this error:

This workbook cannot be opened under High Security Level because it contains a type of macro (Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro) that cannot be disabled or signed.

To open this worbook, click Macro on the Tools menu, then click Security. In the Security dialog box, click Medium.

Thats one long ass error message.

Well, thats pretty much it. Do as it says and you'll be able to open it.

image In the Tools menu:

  • Go to Macro
  • and select Security


  • Select "Medium"
  • click OK
  • You should now be able to open the file
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